Develop your business in France

Second economy of Europe, France is a real opportunity to develop your overseas operations.

Opportunities in France

France is a major player in the world economy. Second economy of Europe, France is the link between northern and southern European countries.

France is the third country in the world for foreign direct investment. This reflects the real opportunities to be there, either to serve the 65 million people market or to target the European market.

How to get into the French market?

You have identified France as a potential market for your products or services, but your resources or time do not enable you to move forward on this project.

You need to understand the potential turnover for your products/services, the structure of the market, the regulations if any, and of course the culture.

Working with a French partner to launch your business in France is the road to success. This is the assurance to be recognized more rapidly in the economical and political environment, and to optimize your commercial investment.

How can we support your project?

Kinactis, Your door to the French market can assist you in establishing your operations in France whether you simply need to find the right distributor, or you wish to establish a sales operation, or you look for an industrial partner.

Your gain working with Kinactis, Your door to the French market will be:

  • a speeding up of your project : we will have only one goal, move your project forward
  • the assurance to have a native representing your company : the contact with your future partners will be made easier
  • a unique interlocutor able to chase your first customer, look for the best place to locate your operations, work out the administrative burden : this will provide a coherence of all your actions
  • a continuous presence in France during the initial phases, making things more reactive
  • a limited investment at the beginning of your project
  • working with a small structure dedicated to your success : you will not be 1 customer among hundreds. We will be your extension in France during all these initial steps, and you will get a close view on our actions
  • at the end of the mission, we will deliver an operational structure conform to your specification and generating the first € of turnover

We believe that the success is a question of building a very short decision chain. Therefore, your future partners (customers, future employees, economical and political environment) and yourself will have only one interlocutor at Kinactis, Your door to the French market. Additional resources will be dedicated as needed in back-office.

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