About us

Jacques Robert

Kinactis, Your door to the French market is an independent company. Based in Normandy, not far from Paris, our playground is the whole French territory.


Jacques ROBERT, the founder of Kinactis, Your door to the French market , has graduated from a french top engineering school and obtained a Master degree from MIT in the USA.


He worked for such companies as Michelin, Kodak, Schlumberger in industrial and marketing/sales departments as well as managing director of subsidiaries. He has also been for many years general manager of medium size independent companies in France.

As a consultant, he worked for such companies as General Motors, Ford, Peugeot, Shell, but also for several medium-size companies.

Throughout his career, his customers were industrial companies, specialized distributors, mass-market distributors in France and in Europe. He has built a strong knowledge of successful operations on the French market.